The  Kaylor and Koehler Families of Holmes County, Ohio


Yates County, New York  ~  Birlenbach, Alsace




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Knox Township,

Holmes County, Ohio



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~ Ancestors & Descendants of Philipp Heinrich Köhler  (1795 - 1849) ~


This Kaylor - Koehler web site  will probably always be "under construction" to some degree or another.   I hope to be able to add information to the site on a regular basis.


In addition to research done in the Holmes - Knox - Ashland county, Ohio area and in Yates County, New York, I have done extensive work with the civil and church records from various villages in lower Alsace where the Koehlers and associated families resided.  Thus, this web site also includes information on some of the other Alsatian families that settled near Loudonville, Ohio and Potter, New York as many of these families shared ancestors with the Koehlers. 


Surnames of these "associated families" include Breitenbucher - Broadbooks, Brennstuhl - Branstool, Dannemann, Fulmer, Hans, Heffelfinger, Herrmann - Herman, Hey, Hoeltzel, Ketterer, Kick, Leininger, Mahler, Motz, Ohleyer, Redinger, Schneider - Snyder, Smith, Smithhisler, Snively - Schnabele, Ullman, Wander, Weber - Weaver, Weimer, and Young - Jung,  etc.


Some of my research can be found in the family tree database  portion of this web site.   Besides my own personal research, the KAYLOR database also includes some additional information compiled from the research of a number of other "cousins" - including, but not limited to, those researchers listed  below.   Their contributions have been greatly appreciated, as their generous sharing of information has helped us to progress further in our research than we would have been able to do on our own.


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We are pleased to announce the recently published family history and genealogy


The Henry Koehler Family


Birlenbach and Cléebourg, Alsace

Potter, Yates County, New York

Knox Township, Holmes County, Ohio


Please click on the title above to find out more about this family history book!


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The online Kaylor Family History Slideshow is a condensed version of the video shown at the 2001 Kaylor-Koehler Reunion in Loudonville, Ohio.   It includes photographs from some of the Alsatian villages where the Koehlers lived, as well as photos from Yates County, New York and Holmes County, Ohio.      View Kaylor slideshow


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I have abstracted baptisms from the records of St. John’s Lutheran Church (a.k.a. Kaylor Ridge Lutheran Church).   Records cover the period 1837 - 1915, though there are some significant gaps in these records.    View Baptism Abstracts


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The Durrenberger Family - includes descendants of Michael and Catherine (Leininger) Derrenberger


John Kaylor-Catherine Kettering Descendants


King, DeConinck, Bacon, Snively, Conrad, Breitenbucher & other Ohio Families


    The Michael Franks Family of Fayette County, Pennsylvania



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