The Kaylor - Koehler Family of Holmes County, Ohio


~ Ancestors & Descendants of Philipp Heinrich Köhler ~



We are pleased to announce the recently published family history and genealogy


The Henry Koehler Family


Birlenbach and Cléebourg, Alsace

Potter, Yates County, New York

Knox Township, Holmes County, Ohio



Henry Koehler (1795 Birlenbach, Alsace – 1849 Holmes County, Ohio) immigrated to the United States along with other family members in 1829.  The families initially settled in Yates County, New York; Henry’s family then migrated to Holmes County, Ohio in 1835.  In addition to tracing several generations of Henry’s descendants here in the United States, this book also traces their ancestral roots back to several villages in the Arrondissement of Wissembourg, Alsace.


Children of Henry Koehler (1795-1849) include:

  • Michael Kaylor (1818-1906), married Elizabeth Wander; resided Knox Co. OH

  • Henry Koehler, Jr. (1821-1890), married Mary Ullman, resided Holmes Co. OH

  • Jacob Koehler (1823-1890), married Charlotte Hans, resided Ashland Co. OH

  • George Koehler (1825-1916), married Caroline Hans, resided Holmes Co. OH

  • Magdalena Koehler (1827-1908), married Jacob Freiermuth, resided Page Co. IA

  • Christian Koehler (1829-1915), married Helena Hans, resided Holmes Co. OH

  • John Kaylor (1833-1916), married Catherine Kettering, resided Ashland, Holmes, Wayne Co. OH

This book also includes copies of numerous family documents from both Alsace and the United States – civil records from villages in Alsace; ship passenger lists; naturalization records; land records; church records; vital records and obituaries, etc.   Many photographs are also included.


There is a separate every-name index.


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