The  Kaylor - Koehler  Family of Holmes County, Ohio


~ Ancestors & Descendants of Philipp Heinrich Köhler ~


Just a few comments regarding the Kaylor-Koehler family database.  I have researched a number of different Kaylor, Leininger, Breitenbucher, Herman, Hey, Young, Brennstuhl, etc.  lines, and I attempt to maintain the genealogy database as accurately as possible.   Thus, the information should provide a good  guideline for your own research.     However, as with any other information found on the internet, or published in family histories, genealogies, etc., it is up to the individual researchers to verify the accuracy of any information they choose to use in their own genealogy work.   I have carefully recorded source information for the data in this KAYLOR database; this source information can be obtained by contacting me.   Inevitably, as with most genealogies, this KAYLOR database probably contains some errors or typos.  Please contact me if you have any questions, corrections, or updates to this Kaylor family genealogy. 


You will notice that the database does not contain any information on living descendants.  For privacy reasons I have removed these individuals using the utility GEDLiving.   Thus, you may find that some of the family groups will appear "incomplete" due to the omission of one or more family members who is alive today.     


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